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5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend

Do you ever feel like you get home from work on a Friday *blink* and boom, it's all of a sudden Sunday night. If so, these simple tips can help you feel more restored and fulfilled come Monday morning!

1. Don't leave all your chores until the Weekend.

As tempting as it may be to leave cleaning the bathroom, washing the floor, and doing the laundry all for "sometime on Sunday", it can quickly turn what was supposed to be your downtime into a not-so-relaxing day. 

Ways to make it happen: At the beginning of the week, make a list of household chores that need to be done! Include things like, cleaning, organizing, and specific errands or tasks for that week, and look in your schedule of when it makes sense to fit them in. Now we're not saying everything must be done before the weekend comes around, but a bit of willpower to give the floor a quick mop before sitting down for your nightly routine on a Tuesday can make a positive difference for time on your Sunday!

2. Plan at least one thing you'd like to do / accomplish over the Weekend.

This tip may sound more complicated than it really is. Planning one thing you'd like to do can be something simple like sleeping in on a Saturday, or starting a new show on Netflix. It can also be something more challenging and exciting like hiking a mountain! Regardless, by starting your weekend with the intention of accomplishing a specific activity, you will end your weekend feeling satisfied with how you spent your time.

Ways to make it happen: Be realistic with yourself. Plan activities that will add joy to your weekend not stress! As much as we'd all love to have our schedule filled with exciting activities on the weekend, it's important to recognize when we need to slow down and schedule activities that restore our bodies as well.

3. Choose something to indulge in without guilt.

Treat yourself! Contrary to popular opinion, you're able to indulge in a *treat* in a variety of ways, and without blowing your budget, or your health goals. A healthy way to indulge can look like: putting your phone away for a few hours to finally read that book you bought months ago, upgrading your skin care routine, checking out a trendy new café with a friend, catching up on a reality tv show, or having some dessert because sometimes it's just good for the soul.

Ways to make it happen: Start by reflecting on the past week and how it made you feel. Was it stressful, did it cause anxiety? Or was it a week full of inspiration and left you feeling motivated? After you've had time to reflect, choose something indulgent that feeds your goals and your soul.

4. Have outfits that don't sacrifice comfort or style. 

Even if your weekend plans don't include leaving the house, that doesn't mean you can't feel confident about your wearing! Having a couple go-to wardrobe pieces that are comfortable, but also make you feel stylish and confident is a key way to help you make the most of your weekend! This way, your outfit doesn't stand in the way of saying yes to last minute plans, while also allowing you to lounge in style. By changing out of your pj's everyday, you'll automatically feel more put together and prepared to tackle whatever the weekend throws your way.

Ways to make it happen: Seek out pieces that are versatile. We suggest our Santa Monica Hooded Tunic and Laguna Tie Knot Top. These pieces are perfect for a day full of lounging, or adventure!

 5. Try something new.

Use the time on the weekend as a time to not only rest, but also to explore and discover! Try listening to a new artist, a different recipe, attending an unfamiliar workout class with a friend, or start an online course for a new skill! Trying something new shouldn't feel intimidating, but instead should feel intriguing and exciting.

Ways to make it happen: Start curating a list of things that sound appealing throughout the week. You can do this through saving a recipe you found on social media, texting your friend the link to a website of a new gym, or searching up different words when looking for a music playlist!  

Whatever your plans are this weekend, we hope it brings joy to you and those around you! 

- Koy Resort

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