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Ways to Feel Like You're Travelling When Stuck at Home

Ways to Feel Like You're Travelling When Stuck at Home

I am positive that I am not the only one who's travel plans flew south this year...

With that being said, there is no reason to stop finding creative ways to explore the World! Here are a few ways to try something new, create a vacation state of mind, and see the World all in the comfort of your very own home.

P.S. These activities are also great options for *virtual* field trips for those homeschooling at this time!

Tour The Louvre


Grab a croissant, get comfortable and take a free virtual tour of The Louvre. Until we can all see the historic galleries in person once again, these virtual tours are the next best thing!

Visit the Zoo


It's a scientific fact that animals boost your mood! Many Zoo's and Aquariums are now offering virtual tours and live streams to view their animals in your own home! Here is a list of some locations offering these services to get you started.

Go for a Ride at Disney

With so many rides being recorded and uploaded to YouTube, you can feel like you have your own magic carpet right in your living room! Some of our recommended videos include:

Travel to Space

Ever wondered what's out there? Well now it's less of a secret! Nasa is offering a free virtual tour of a 3D replica of Mars.

Explore the Vatican

Now, there is nothing like feeling the energy of physically being in the Vatican Museum. However, this virtual tour is a close second!

Happy "travelling"!

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