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Sumatra Travel Guide: Off the beaten path

Sumatra Travel Guide: Off the beaten path

Just after your whirlwind trip to the stunning Bali, trail off to the beaten path and explore the natural wonder and mystery of Sumatra. A mystical place where the volcanic activity exudes into a heated adventure to find yourself, to discover your love and passion of travel and natural beauty. 

Trips to Sumatra are renowned for being incredibly enlightening and evokes a sense of adventure like you've never experienced before. 

From day one (of nine), the trip starts with exploring the peaceful villages on the bank of Bohorok River, where you'll stay in the raved about Bukit Lawang Eco Lodge - getting a genuine jungle experience. Expect a trek with a two day adventure in the mysterious Gunung Leuser National Park, where you'll see Orangutans and a rich ecosystem of birds. From there, you'll take a hike up the Sibayak volcano and enjoy a scenic picnic at the top; admiring all the views and then soaking in the hot springs. Sumatra truly has so much to offer for those who crave a little more adventure. 

Banyak Eilanden, Sumatra

If you stay on the North end of the island, there aren't too many long drives. Top visit destinations include Gunung Leuser National Park, Medan and Lake Toba (where are all close in proximity to each other) "Focusing your Sumatra holiday on the north allows you to see a lot in a short space of time, as well as reducing the amount of time you spend bumping along potholed roads on long drives. Packing an inflatable travel cushion is highly recommended." - Rob Perkins -Responsible Travel Blog

LAKE TOBA , is noted to be a  highlight   of many who visit. One of the largest lakes in Indonesia, it has an island that is the size of Singapore! 
With a spectacular waterfall, pack you cameras and take endless pictures to make your friends jealous on Instagram. 

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Although Sumatra has a hot and humid tropical climate, the seasons can also be wet. If you're a sun chaser like ourselves, you may want to book your trip from May to June or September to October when the peak heat is winding down. 

Keeping in mind that the habitants of Sumatra are mainly Muslim, it is encouraged to show respect. Although it may be hot and sunny, here are some Koy Resort pieces that would be perfect to feel comfortable. Easy and fuss-free; the way travel should be!

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*Travel restricted to this destination*
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or 5-day quarantine required on arrival

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