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Print in Focus: All About Buzios

How did Buzios - the Koy Resort exclusive print, come to be? 

It all started in Buzios, Brazil - just an hour away from the famous sights of Rio de Janeiro. A smaller village, bursting with underrated beauty and charm. The beaches - remarkable and the colors as inspiring as mother nature has ever been. One night in Buzios, is enough to harness the creativity to capture in a collection. 

And thus, Buzios became a part of Koy - ever more. 

What does the print represent?

Rivaling Rio - Buzios is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Inspired by the shoreline of  the many beaches in Buzios, the print is reminiscent of the waves crashing in a calming way. Picture a beach, with its long stretch of pinky-golden sand framed by a row of vibrant, deep - earthy colored vegetation. Do you see it in the print? The colors? Not just tie-dye, the Buzios print comes alive like a scene from a painting. Waves captured and translated on fabric. 


Buzios in Cruise Collection - 2022

This season we have introduced Buzios in a beautiful new shade, Mocha. 


With the arrival of Autumn (in some parts) and with travel in mind, we took were inspired by the rich, earthy tones of the cliffs and forests surrounding Buzios - and introduced an amazing range, thoughtfully made with our signature silhouette. An ode to luxury. A season with something extra, something special - just for you.