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5 Tips for Writing a Travel Journal

5 Tips for Writing a Travel Journal

You may not journal in your everyday life, but travel journaling is so worth it! Travel journals hold memories and experiences that you can look back on to bring you back to those moments and experiences that can drift away and be forgotten through the years. Travel journals help keep moments alive and also to use as a reference to remember where you went and what you did. Here are our top 5 tips to keeping a travel journal with memories to last a lifetime!

  1. Before your trip, buy an unlined notebook or one with blank and lined pages. You can use the blank pages to draw on or add memorabilia. Bring a glue stick or photo tape with you to add your memorabilia to your notebook or bring an envelope on your trip with some paperclips to add the memorabilia later when you return from your trip. Bring a good writing pen and optional to include some coloured pens, felts, pencil crayons to mix it up.
  2. Always start your journal entry with a date and place for reference.
  3. Document your hotels and addresses in case you need directions back or contact the hotel. It’s also fun to look back on where you stayed.
  4. The best part of travel journaling is to capture the moments and details. Add your feelings, emotions, small details you noticed, the people you met, what the food was like – you get the idea. Trust us, you will appreciate these memories for years!
  5. What did you learn? Being out of your comfort zone or in a new country or city makes you very aware of your surroundings and you learn a lot about yourself. Jot down something you learned.

      One more note - you may wish you had visited a place or done something that you didn’t have time for or there was a place you would like to visit on your next trip. Write a future travel wish list of those places, restaurants, beaches, museums, etc. in case you ever venture back again.

      Happy traveling!