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5 Easy Ways to Add Self-Care into Your Routine in 2023

5 Easy Ways to Add Self-Care into Your Routine in 2023

The last few months have been *interesting* to say the least...but that doesn't mean that a self-care routine should be at the bottom of your priorities. In fact, it should be at the top! To be able to show up for others, you first need to show up for yourself. Here are 5 easy ways to to care for yourself everyday, no matter what life throws at you.

1. Make a list of three things you’re grateful for today

Even on the worst of days, there are always reasons to be grateful. Maybe it's something as simple as the fact that you used your favourite mug for your morning coffee, or that you even had a morning cup of coffee! Nevertheless, physically writing things down that you're grateful for help to put things into perspective and is a great way to lift your spirits. 

2. Tune in to your Breathe

We know you've already heard of practicing breathing techniques or meditation to help relive stress and anxiety, but that's because it actually works! Not everyone has 30 minutes in their day to focus solely on their breathing, but setting aside even 5 minutes a day will reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Even if you have never practiced breathing techniques before, this 5 minute video will help guide you.

3. Call Someone You Love

When was the last time you called your best friend, one of your parents, or a loved one? You'd be surprised by how much your mood will improve from hearing the voice of someone you love. Also, if something is causing you to feel excess stress or anxiety, this is a safe way to talk through anything that is truly bothering you with someone you trust.

 4. Move Your Body

If you're reading this, this is your sign to move your body today. Now, that by no means you must go to the nearest gym and do a workout so intense you can't move for the next three days. Moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day boosts your mood, improves circulation, and is essential for keeping you mentally and physically healthy. Downloading a podcast to listen to on a walk, going on a scenic hike with friends, or signing up for a new fitness class are all great ways to release endorphins everyday!

5. Make a To-Do List 


Feeling overwhelmed? Having a to-do list can help! Trying to keep all of your to-do's stored in head can lead to a negative cycle of feeling stressed, followed by additional stress when a task is forgotten. Having a visual list will ensure things aren't forgotten when your day gets busy! Here are a few tips to optimize organization in your list:

  • Separate lists by days of the week
  • Break down large tasks into smaller steps
  • List your most important/hardest task first (everything else will seem like a breeze after)
  • Keep your list around 7-10 tasks per day
  • Use a platform that best suites you. For some, that could be a journal. For others, that might be through online tools such as Mind Meister