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Bali Guide - Where to Stay, Eat and Play in Canggu

Bali Guide - Where to Stay, Eat and Play in Canggu

Canggu: the Brooklyn of Bali

Bali is home to beautiful temples, lush rice fields, hot summer rains, lazy beach days and sultry nights, however many for first-time visitors modern Bali can be overcrowded, dirty and disheartening, especially in established tourist spots such as Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud - where tourists swarm the country year round.

So if you're looking for paradise then about 20km north of Seminyak, you'll find Canggu - a bohemian surf town that offers a super laid back pace lifestyle and is mostly free from the thumping nightclubs and rowdy antics of neighbouring cities.

Canggu has become a hot spot for young, hip travelers. It offers an abundance of villas, trendy cafes, sophisticated boutiques, sprawling beaches, lush spas and hip bars. The town has risen in popularity over the past few years, but despite a recent flurry of visitors, the tranquil atmosphere remains with long stretches of uninterrupted beach and an unwritten code of conduct that frowns on flashy behaviour. 

Where to Stay

There are endless amounts of Villas in Canggu, many of them are total luxury and for a very affordable price. They usually come serviced with a house keeper and have the option of personal chef. AirBnb has a huge range of Villas and is a safe, easy way to book. Here are some of our favourites:

Fella Villa

Vacation for the whole family, a romantic retreat, or a solo adventure - Fella Villa is a light and airy villa that was inspired by travel, architecture and art. 

Fella Villas Canggu


This is the perfect place to relax and unwind, and an easy base from which to explore everything Bali has to offer. The villa features amazing wall art, huge bathrooms and high timber ceilings.

4 Quarters Villas Canggu

The Slow

The intimate Pool Suite is a tropical hideaway featuring floor-to-ceiling windows flanked by palm trees, overlooking a private plunge pool enclosed by lush jungle greenery. The warm and inviting interiors feature local custom-made furniture and crafts with sustainable wood and natural stone finishes.

The Slow Hotel Canggu

Where to eat

Deus Ex Machina 

The ultimate surfer place with simply the best burgers on Bali! Deus Ex Machina is a restaurant / Bar and Motorcycle / Surf Shop. They serve up a little of everything: Asian, Italian, Salads and drinks. On Tuesdays they have cheap tacos and free tattoos. 

Deus temple of enthusiasm

Crate Cafe

A favourite among Canggu ex-pats, Crate Café is a super cool hang out spot for breakfast and lunch. You can see the Australian influence to the place as you’ll find favourites on the menu like avocado and vegemite on toast. Alongside a bunch of classic brunch options, you’ll also find an endless range of healthy smoothies, juices and acai bowls. And the coffee is amazing!

Betelnut Cafe 

This place is a Canggu institution!  You will always find something great to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner - the smoothies and salads are wonderful!

Where to Play

Deus Ex Machina
As well as its amazing food Deus is also know for its backyard dance parties - whilst the majority of the week is fairly mellow if you head down here on a Thursday & or Sunday evening it'll be bustling. Then once things start to slow down at Deus, people tend to head down the Sandbar for a party by the beach.

Deus Ex Machina Temple of enthusiasm

Old Mans Beach Bar
Old Man’s is situated on Batu Bolong Beach so all the surfers hang out here before and after going into the water. It is relaxing throughout the day, has great coffee and reliable internet (which is reasonably rare around Bali). The bar is open, colourfully decorated and starting from around 6:30 in the evenings there is live music by local bands. On the weekends, a DJ heats up the crowd. 

The Lawn
The Lawn really is the ultimate spot to have a drink and watch the sunset. Buy a fresh cocktail from the Combi Van bar, then sit picnic-style among the bean bags and cushions, relax on one of the hammocks, or take position on the famous sunset swings and soak in the sunset magic. 

The Lawn Beach Bar Canggu

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