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Koy Resort x Simbi

Koy Resort x Simbi

The Koy Resort spirit and philosophy revolves around exploring and enjoying the beauty that this planet has to offer. We feel part of this spirit giving back.

Each year we partner with organizations and charities focused on helping people and preserving and protecting our oceans, coastlines, and waterways.

We work with different organizations every year, donating a portion of sales, to help be a part of the solution. 

For 2018, we are excited to announce our partnership with Simbi®, a company that makes handcrafted accessories that improve and empower the lives of Haitian women and their families. Every Simbi piece is handcrafted in Haiti, by the Haitian community.

Simbi is proud to create jobs, purify water, and save lives through its foundation, Aqua Haiti, which works to support, promote, and finance installation of water purification systems throughout Haiti.

This year, Koy Resort has collaborated with Simbi to create our own Koy Resort x Simbi handcrafted bracelets to support this amazing company and the work it does to better Haitians lives. When you purchase a Koy Resort x Simbi bracelet, 100% of the proceeds go toward Aqua Haiti.

Purchase a Koy Resort x Simbi bracelet and support the cause!

You can also donate directly to Aqua Haiti

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