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Koy Resort...Clothing that puts you in a "Vacation State of Mind".


Since 2015, Koy Resort has created effortless clothing to take with you on your next adventure or for just having fun at home. We take inspiration from exploring our beautiful planet, expanding our horizons, spending time with friends, loving nature, and art and music from all around the world.  Every piece is thoughtfully crafted to incorporate fashion, no-fuss fabrics and fits that flatter. With looks that transition seamlessly from dawn to dusk, all your suitcase is missing is Koy Resort.

Koy Resort is proud to partner every year with a different non-profit organization, to help, give back and create awareness about our environment and to support women issues around the globe.

Take Us Away 


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The Koy Resort spirit and philosophy revolves around exploring and enjoying the beauty that this planet has to offer. We feel part of this spirit giving back.

Each year we partner with organizations and charities focused on helping people and preserving and protecting our oceans, coastlines, and waterways.

We work with different organizations every year, donating a portion of sales, to help be a part of the solution. Being a Koy Resort customer means helping make a positive impact on the special places in the world that we all cherish.


EAST AFRICAN MISSION ORPHANAGE - http://www.eamo.co.ke


EAMO (East African Mission Orphanage) was established in 1997 by Australian couple, Ralph and May Spinks who today provide a loving home for hundreds of orphaned children including babies and teenage mothers. The extreme poverty in Kenya leaves a trail of homeless children. Many of these children either die a premature death through malnutrition or walk the streets in search of food. Some of the most desperate children turn to glue sniffing to suppress the hunger pains, or to prostitution as a means of survival. EAMO is registered as a charitable institution with the Kenyan Government for the purpose of caring for children in desperate need and for finding and caring for orphaned children before they reach the streets of Kenya.

Koy is a monthly sponsor of EAMO and has partnered with them on various projects over the past years.

Our natural world, our HOME is under threat. The WWF envisions a world in which people & nature thrive together. You don't need to be an environmentalist. You just have to agree that we must be more careful with our one and only home. We believe in balance in all things and support the initiatives and projects of the WWF.
The WWF harnesses the collective power of supporters around the world to create solutions for people and our planet. Koy is a monthly sponsor of WWF. Join us in supporting this amazing organization. Together anything is possible.
There are only 2 of a longer list of organizations we have partnered with and donated to in 2019.